Casting for NEW BORN BABIES for a commercial for 118 LOANS.

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Shoot: 25th or 26th July (most likely 25th) Wardrobe: 19th or 20th July Location: London

Fees:  £180 bsf + 500% buyout Usage:  Media: UK TV (1 year UK from 1st airdate), internet (hosted on UK  sites) including client and agency website. Stills from the ad can be used  for press/pr etc.Wardrobe fitting fee: £50  Year 2 option: year 1 + 10%


NEW BORN BABIES:  M/F. Up to 6 month old babies.  All ethnicities

IMPORTANT:  Agents please send J PEG photos so Ali can collate them – we will be casting from said photos UP TO DATE PHOTOS PLEASE TAKEN IN THE LAST TWO WEEKS WITH D.O.B. GIVEN –
Links to websites with photos that are not downloadable will not be used / considered

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