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Two interesting characters for an exhibition trailer for the National Maritime Museum.

We are casting for a exhibition trailer on Lady Emma Hamilton (Lord Nelson, lover, muse, and Britain’s first celebrity and IT GIRL) for the National Maritime museum. We see our traditional Emma mixed in a modern  celebrity setting.  Celebrity and seduction are such a huge part of the media driven world we live in. Emma Hamilton was in many ways, the ultimate celebrity whose image was seen up and down the country and whose tumultuous life story was known to all.  The parallels with modern day celebrity culture show us that little has changed. There is a fantastic opportunity to leverage this parallel in a way that will truly resonate with a modern audience. We see her life from chambermaid, to seductress, from a heartbroken mother to gentleman’s muse, from Lady at court and lover of Lord Nelson to penniless and alone.

Casting on Friday 23rd September 2016 at Armoury 18-20 London Lane  London E8 3PR

Shoot: London Friday 30th September 2016 Wardrobe/wig fitting Tuesday 27th September 2016 (date tbc)

Fee: £500 to inlcude daily fee and one year buyout online UK This fee will also cover a wig fitting( couple of hours)

Suggestions please for:

EMMA:   (Female, 22 – 28) We are looking for a early to mid 20’s female that would look like a 18th Century muse… Beautiful and Sexy but not overtly… She will wear a wig so hair colour is not important. it’s all about the right
‘look’ that we can get to as close as these reference pics. She was an ‘English-rose’ and beautiful – someone that all the men would fall in love with – and they did!  We will see our Lady in an ‘amorous’ embrace. However we will only see her back, and she will be in a dress which will expose her back a little. Appearance: Eastern European, Mediterranean, Scandinavian, White.

LORD NELSON: (Male, 38 – 44) Lord Nelson. He would be early 40’s quite grey or blonde hair if possible but not essential. He is quite regal, could be quite pompous and arrogant. (image of him attached) Appearance: Eastern European, Mediterranean, Scandinavian, White. NB: The fee also includes actor coming for a wig fitting on a separate day.

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