Auditions for DOODLE, playing @ Waterloo East Theatre

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auditions for DOODLE, playing @ Waterloo East Theatre


Dates :

Rehearsals : From Saturday 2nd December

Performances : Wednesday 10th January – Sunday 28th January

Fee : £100 p/w

Auditions : First rounds : Thursday 9th November (Evening)

Recall : w/c 13th November

DOODLE! An all-singing all-dancing new comedy musical.

It is the year 1940. Britain is at war with Germany. Barnes Wallis the
eventual inventor of the world famous Bouncing Bomb is kidnapped by the
Nazis to build them a Bouncing Submarine.

No one believes the threat is serious (‘A Bouncing submarine? Absurd!’).
Barnes Wallis has so far only invented a hopeless Talking Robot, so nobody
believes his kidnapping should be taken seriously.

Consequently a team of misfits is recruited to go on a secret mission to
discover whether the threat is real or just a ridiculous joke. Once they’re
on their way it’s discovered that the threat is so serious, it has the
potential to lose Britain the war.

We are looking for the following roles:

Weaver / Filbert-Tweed’s secretary

Playing age 20-35 / Female

Also plays the voice of Svetlana and the voice of the female bomb and woman
in pub.

Is Diego Cigarr but is revealed as Weaver

This is a big role. Very clipped RP. Has to sing two big numbers so a very
strong vocal is essential. Must be able to do a Mexican accent well-ish as
well as she disguises herself as a Mexican!

Winston Churchill / King George VI / The Oberleutenant /Derek Queen – the other half of Holmes and Watson

Playing age 30-50 / Male

Impressions of these characters are a necessity, but needn’t be spot on. The
King merely stutters. Police Constable has a big patter song. Cockney accent
is desirable. Smiley is evil, so the ability to play a baddie is a must!

Loomington-Badger / Another army man in the Secret Toilet group / Trevor the
automaton / Andre / Guillaume the German at chez Guillaume

Playing age 30-50. Male.

RP accent but also needs to be able to do a robot voice and German accent

Unteroffizier a German soldier / Wilhelm a German spy / Bronson, the
American hunk / Cattermole a commando / Gestapo man / Fritz the German

Playing age 30-50 / Male

German accent and an American accent for Bronson

Niven / Posh English actor and bomb expert/ Constable Fish.

Playing age 30-50 / Male

Based on an actor like David Niven. Posh RP. Big part in second half. Fish
is a much smaller role with a singular line!

Deadman a young soldier / A guardsman / Guntha a German spy

Playing age 20-30 / Male

Young enthusiastic soldier who everyone thinks will die immediately because
of his name. But he survives. Ridiculously naïve.

Kydd, a cheeky comb and paper playing cockney soldier / Max a German spy /
Noel Coward / Bert – a German soldier

Playing age 30-45 / Male

A Noel  Coward impression would be great. But not essential. There is a Noel
Coward song for this character.

All actors must have good singing voices and good movement ability.


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