Casting for a viral for HIVE CONNECTED CARE.

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Heather March has further casting for a viral for HIVE CONNECTED CARE.

Casting: Tuesday 4th September 2018 – Studio will be in central London

Shoot: w/c 10th September (1 day per role)

The purpose of this shoot is to represent the caring community in a modern
and non cliche’d way.

Carers and carees are a diverse group of people in all shapes and sizes, old
and young.

We want to celebrate what elderly and disabled people can do, with a little
reassurance from Hive.

They should look like real people. But there shouldn’t be anything generic
about them. They should be lovers of life. Full of energy and enthusiasm, no
matter what their age. They will be people that embrace the Hive ‘let’s get
living’ attitude.

Our cast will stand out for their individuality and sense of style. Just
because they’re old or in a wheelchair, they can still have fun, play sport,
take care of grand children or share quality time with their friends.

We are happy to receive suggestions from talent that may not be represented
by an agent.


Shot 1 Arriving home – Caree

AN OLDER LADY: 75+ who walks with a stick just to steady herself. Physically
able to get herself in and out of the house.  Please ask them to bring stick
to casting, if they have one

Shot 2 Tennis – Caree

FEMALE: An independent 20 something female in a wheelchair. Physically fit.
Confident. Not hampered by her disability at all.  PLEASE NOTE: WE ARE ONLY

Shot 3 Commuting – Carer

YOUNG MAN OR WOMAN: 30+, a carer for his ageing relative. ? Real looking,
nobody too modelly please

Shot 5 Popcorn in the kitchen – Caree

AN OLDER LADY: 70+ and her group of 2-3 friends, also 70+ females. They may
be old in age but certainly not in character. Full of life and laughter.

Shot 7 Hive setup – Carer & Caree.

GRANDAD: 80+ and his adult Grandson, 25+. Although separated by age they
share a fun and inquisitive nature.

Shot 9 Caree fixing his bike


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