Brave topless models defend First Amendment at courthouse

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Here’s one way to keep the court abreast of current events!

A photographer facing a $1.1 million lawsuit for snapping pics of a shirtless model atop the Empire State Building staged a semi-naked photo shoot outside Manhattan Supreme Court Thursday afternoon in protest.

“I’m getting sued for a million dollars, I don’t give a s–t,” said Allen Henson, 30, an Iraqi war veteran turned professional photographer.

“I’m not intimidated,” he added. “They’re going to lose and I’m going to have a blast doing it!”

Five models struck bare-breasted poses on the courthouse steps, as about 50 passers-by stopped to gawk.

The models posed for about five minutes before court officers — proving that justice is not always blind — asked them to stop the shoot.“That’s an insult to the court,” sneered one woman who refused to give her name.

The models next bared it all in the lobby of 80 Centre St., the courthouse where Henson’s civil trial will resume August 6.

Henson only squeezed off a few snaps before security put the kibosh on the stunt.

“I thought I was going to be tased,” said the photog.

Henson, known for his photos of topless women in public places, upset the owners of the Empire State Building when he photographed a shirtless model in August 2013.

Their lawsuit claims he took pictures without permission and tarnished the skyscraper’s reputation as a “safe and secure family-friendly tourist attraction,” according to court papers.

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