Brunette plus-sized lingerie models outsells blonde slim models

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When it comes to advertising lingerie some may be shocked to find that skinny doesn’t sell! Adore Me, a growing lingerie brand based in New York, revealed that its plus-sized campaign star sold four times as many products as the slim blonde models featured in a previous ad.

The research was based on three TV adverts launched in January: one featuring blonde models, another brunette models and the third one a plus-size, brunette model. Then they applied a common marketing strategy in which consumers are shown different ads in order to measure buying habits and preferences. After the company monitored online traffic and sales throughout the month, they came to the somewhat surprising, but refreshing conclusion that the plus-sized brunette model generated the most sales out of the three.

The results were unexpected and the company’s founder Morgan Hermand-Waiche told CNN: “There’s an overall mentality that you have to be super skinny. We are showing that we offer lingerie for everyone.”

Adore Me differs slightly from it’s competitors offering bra sizes ranging far wider than other lingerie giants, between 32A to 42G. The brand believes every woman, at every dress size, deserves fashionable lingerie to make her feel sexy, confident and beautiful.

A spokesman for the brand told The Independent: “We very proudly feature our stunning plus-sized model in many of our campaigns, including our recent national TV ad campaign. We were happy to see that featuring a plus-sized model in an ad quadrupled sales. The amount and quality of traffic clearly showed that plus-size models resonate with women of all sizes and boost sales across the board, and not just in the plus-size line.”

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