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Fee: £1,000 + 20% agency fee Media: Online only – principally on Adidas’s social media channels – YouTube, Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat Lengths & edits: Master film (approx 60″) & 4 x 10″ cut-downs including  further cut-downs and revisions & .gif’s for online use. The stills from  both shoot days to be used online throughout the campaign.  Term: 1 year Territory: Global

We are casting a very cool viral for Adidas We have a very cool director on this one 🙂 Please make sure the suggestions are in the playing range as that’s what the spot is targeted at.

Casting Breakdown We are looking to cast 2 males and 2 female dancers. The playing ages are  between 16 – 22 years old. We’re looking for fresh, youthful, cool, trendy,  hipsters, confidence, open to all races. Love to see a mix of hairstyles. All of the suggestions should be dancers.  The dance styles vary from Contemporary to Street.


Suggestions please for:

Role 1 – MALE – Rebellious boy – Big energy, big moves, raging bull, life of the party, sporty, outspoken, Hip Hop jock, arm crossed pose – Nothing stands in his way. Skills: Can flip himself up from lying on the ground to standing position,  body popping, headspin, flares or eggplant type pose. (PLEASE MAKE A NOTE ON  SUBMISSION OF ANY OF THESE SKILLS)

Role 2 – MALE – Smooth boy – A little bit boy next door, girls love him, guys want to be him – his not posing, that’s just him. Effortlessly cool Skills: Cool. Slick dance moves, body popping a bonus

Role 3 – FEMALE – Pouty girl – Powerful, has a great presence and a GREAT POUT! A girl with attitude, She’s got the moves to give the boys a run for their money: Dabbing breaking and stamping her feet… and at other times
using her feline feminine charm to breat-it0down with the ladies – A subtle twerk or a power pose! She’s athletic, in charge and got her selfie game on lock! Skills: Can pose for a selfie, Great dancer (please state if you can
breakdance – upright, not spinning on the floor), and mime singing or lip sync.

Role 4 – FEMALE – Cute girl – A rebellious free spirit, with a spring in her step and a sense of mischief behind her cheeky smile. There are no rules to her eccentric moves – making it up as she goes along but with the confidence
to get away with it. She’s artsy, edgy and elegant in her own bubbly way – twisting, spinning and pulling all kinds of faces in a cute contemporary expressive mix of dance moves. Skills: A flair of contemporary dance – expressive in movement (cheeky yet elegant), can spin on one foot and kick leg very high, pirouettes.

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