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Summary I am looking for one role for a car . This ad is really a series of vignettes – there are no featured roles that run through the spot. It’s a 60 seconds with cuts on 40″, 30″ 20″. The story is
about the routine that most fathers go through every day (waking up, dressing up, preparing breakfast for the family, bringing kids to school, going to work, traffic jams, etc). I am looking for a father

Shoot: Travel to Barcelona Tues 13th May for wardrobe Shoot 14th
Fee: LENGTH: 60”//40”/30”/20” The fees & buyouts for the UK cast are: Daily fee: 400 gbp +20% agency commission Travel days: 50% of the fee PERIMETER OF USE & ROYALTIES: Royalties: 10.000 EURO + 20% agent fee Territories: Geographic Europe including Russia/LATAM/Middle east/Africa Media: Copyrights must be covered for TV from the first on-air date onwards  in each single country, for a limitation of: Cinema, PR, SEAT Dealer Showrooms, Motor Shows (SEAT Stand) and Internet  (including but not limited to SEAT and affiliated websites, social networks,  on-line advertising) and Football Stadiums. Still and moving images. The video material may be shown on the Internet pages or interactive media owned and by SEAT (and with SEAT consent, on the Internet pages owned by the dealers and affiliates of SEAT) in order to be available in all formats the medium allows. Moreover, It may be used in the interactive campaigns of  SEAT, whether through the web (banners, etc.), email or electronic devices  (SMS, MMS, etc.). Copyrights for the music have to be covered for showing,  downloading and subsequent vision and usage of all elements of the video material through various electronic devices and interactive media for personal use. All edit versions, parts of them and still frames. Period: One year for TV from first On Air date in each single country for all the specified media, except Internet. Two years for Internet from the first On air date in each single country The usage of the produced video material as PR both for agency and for the  client has to be granted without limitation in time, media and territories,  starting from its first on-air date.

Suggestions please for:

FATHER (Male, playing age 45 years) OUR DAD HAS A YOUNG SPIRIT. HE IS ATTRACTIVE AND FIT/HEALTHY (no bellies please). Our dad has a European vibe to him – he is NOT a football supporting pub goer. HE IS ASPIRATIONAL. HE HAS HAIR!MUST HAVE A FULL CLEAN DRIVING LICENSE AND MUST NOT HAVE DONE A CAR AD IN THE LAST 3 YEARS

In the casting he will be doing the following:

1. He’s driving while he talks with his sons. A every morning traffic jam. Good atmosphere at the car. He sings. His daughter tells him to shout up..

2. He’s trying to do pilates


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