casting a charity viral for COMBAT STRESS

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Casting a charity viral for COMBAT STRESS

This is a charity ad being created to raise awareness about
veteran’s mental health to try and help the public understand the immense
impact PTSD has on veterans. This can be a lifelong condition which affects
all types of veterans.

Casting: 15th January 2018 in London. Venue TBC

Shoot: From March 2018

Usage: TBC


SOLDIER (Hero): Male / Lead / Caucasian / 70 – 90 Description We are looking for an older
man with an expressive face to play our soldier.

Please read below to get an idea of the kind of man we need.

We open on a platoon, they’re dressed in World War 2 uniform.
They wait breathlessly in a dugout.
As we pan along we reveal one of our soldiers isn’t like the others.

He is an older man. He looks terrified.

We cut to them running through the mud, our man is struggling and his
platoon try to help him. He’s slowing them down.

We see him in action, firing a gun on his belly in the mud, his shaky hands
can’t load the gun, tears roll down his face.

We see him trying to lift his injured friend out of the line of fire.

He is struggling and incredibly upset.

He glances up to see nurses running to help. One of them is an elderly lady
and in a passing moment they capture each other’s eyes.

He slumps down exhausted and crying, we are close on his eyes now. He blinks


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