casting a commercial for a WELL KNOWN CABLE CHANNEL – URGENT!!

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I am currently casting a spot for a Well Known Cable Channel Virtual Reality

I am looking for people with EXPRESSIVE FACES.

We are looking for GOOD LOOKING, EVERYDAY PEOPLE who are not too model like
that have EXPRESSIVE FACES. They will need to express a range of emotions,
in particular the look of awe & amazement. Each character will be heavily
made up to give a very stylised & exaggerated impression of the effect a new
4D VR experience will have on them.

Casting: Wednesday 28th June PM

Shoot: Monday 3rd July


WINDSWEPT GIRL: Our windswept girl NEEDS to have LONG, STRAIGHT HAIR that can
be blown with a wind machine. The hair will need to flow freely so she looks
cool & not like she has been dragged through a bush! Age wise she’s 25 – 35.

Client: Sky
Campaign: EVR Ecosystem
Length: 1 x master plus cutdowns and edit variations
Media: Moving Image and stills in Shopping centres around UK and The O2 in
London; Internet and social media channels; and all Sky Internal comms.
Term: 6 months (Sky Internal comms in perpetuity)
Territory: UK

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