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Shoot: Monday 26th June, 2017 CHESHIRE

Background on Dan & Mrs Dan.

Our couple are a typical mid-to-late thirties duo. They should look like
Britain’s super average couple. They live in a two-bed apartment somewhere not too far from
Birmingham city centre. They’ve probably been married for a few years, and their daily rituals are embedded into their lives making for a relaxed, easy atmosphere. To be honest,
Mrs Dan isn’t that interested in football, but she tolerates it (although
Dan’s pushing it by having it on in the bedroom). Still, she probably has a
good book to read whilst Dan watches the footy. As a reference, the dynamic
of Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan in Catastrophe is a good one. Although they’re
a bit older than our couple, the way they play off each other is ace and the
little quirks they have together are super sweet.


DAN: He’s the Average Joe. Not too good-looking but no mug either, Dan’s a
comfy 6 out of 10. He’s no fitness freak, but probably plays 5-a-sides with the boys once a week, only to end up in the pub after, sinking more pints than he scored goals. It would be
good if he had some kind of visual quirk going on – a wonky nose, some
googly eyes or whatever. Just to give him a bit of standout.

We’re thinking he’s from the Midlands, maybe with a soft Brummie accent –
tends to work well for comedy and tone.

Think Ralf Little / Kris Marshall characters tropes are tried and tested of course, so work well too. The most important thing is that he’s dead funny (or, at least, can pretend to be). So much is relying on his dynamic with the other actor and his performance/reactions/ability to improv on the day.

Most importantly, and above all else, comic/acting ability must be the most
important criterion.

MRS DAN: Must be good at brushing teeth. Besides that, we think she’s just
your typical mate’s girlfriend-type. Good looking, but not out-of-your-league stuff. Dan’s had to bag her, of course, so she’s probably good-looking in a girl-next-door type way. She’s
a couple of years younger than Dan – maybe early-to-mid thirties. Any hair
color – Importantly, they have to be a believable couple, at least in a
visual sense. Must have similar qualities to Jenna Coleman / Ella Hunt /
Karren Gillan type character feels right.

Most importantly, and above all else, comic/acting ability must be the most
important criterion.


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