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Casting: Tuesday 4th July at venue TBC

Shoot: Overall dates 9th -16th July Shoot likely to be 11th -15th

1 year global digital, social and events plus additional North America and
rights for additional shopfront and outdoor.

Photography (KV):
1 year usage for USA, Canada and all Europe across all digital and social,
retail, shopfront and outdoor, including Sony websites*, Sony social media*,
trade shows.

We open on a late twenties to mid thirties hip man standing on a city street
wearing his True Wireless. Contrary to the hustle around him, his gate is
more of a glide .

Next we have the hustler thirties – forties sat in a taxi and getting taken
to his next location of the day. He is showing the type of guy who is the
first one up in the morning and the last to leave, he represents the jet
setter and the fast liver – the one who cuts the noise out and listens with
his headphones.

Finally we show the mid twenties to mid thirties woman who has found early
success and enjoys trying out the new way of doing things – she represents
the neckband wireless user.


TRUE WIRELESS: White male, 28-35, good actor, expressive face (showing
freedom), light hair (so headphones can be seen), photographs well, can walk or dance with
smooth movements. HE IS UBER COOL and HIP! Facial hair is good too.

He is the type of guy who is steady, yet somehow weaves through the
busy-ness around him free from worry. A man who always knows a shortcut. And
always travels light.

We need a good actor with a expressive face (to show the freedom) with LIGHT
hair (so the headphones can be seen) photographs well and can walk or dance
with smooth movements. we needed more modelly, more ID magazine and Dazed
and Confused, needs more edge.
The True Wireless guy needs to have a bit of a swagger about him. He doesn’t
need to be a dancer but needs to be able to glide in the forest.

What is it?

An intensified walk to the beat of the track…walking with swagger with the
occasional bolder movement, like a rhythmic side step or spin to move around
a tree or object (for example, Donald Glover move at :12 in ATLANTA). None
of the “moves” should require a pro dancer…just someone with good rhythm

Here are some refs from the agency:

Movement references



short hair or looks good with hair up, photographs well, dances well.

NB – The dance is more expressionist and free movement rather than
She is a person who has her own sense of style and appreciates unique design
pieces. She doesn’t mind being one-of-a-kind. In fact, she prefers being the
first to try out a new way of doing things. Especially with fashion, tech or

We need a good actor with a expressive face (energetic) someone who pulls
off short hair or looks good with hair up and photographs well. Dances
well – more expressionist than choreographed.

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