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Casting a viral for PAYPAL

Shoot:  Tues 9th – Sat 13th inclusive.
1 or 2 models per day TBC

Fee & usage:  Media – Online  Digital Media, (no  TV Broadcast), VOD and Social only
Duration – 1 year £600 per model per day inclusive
They may add all media UK at additional £1000 per model but still TBC if
they will have this usage.
Still & moving image for both usages.

Overall we’re looking for characters. People with a distinct look, a big
nose, tall and thin, a bit overweight, eyes too close, eyes apart, big ears
etc, please see the examples in my treatment and on Mortens webpage The quirkier characters will be more interesting to
watch and be more naturally humorous.




30-35, female, caucasian
Sophisticated, deliberate, conscious fashion choices that have been set
for years. We don’t envisage her as a stunning Betty Draper doppleganger,
more Peggy Olsen, with natural quirks making her more Middle England.

2. CUSHIONS – couple

25-30, female, caucasian

25-30, male, caucasian – he could double up for another role.

Both white actors with long black hair, thick eyeliner, and we’re thinking strong cheekbones for the male character in particular


Late 20s/30, female, asian

Pretty, but with a quirky, awkward feel to her. We feel she could be of a
normal build, not skinny or athletic, but more a size 14 (UK).

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