casting a voice over for a CHEESE BRAND

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Casting: Weds 11th Oct 17

Recording Dates 1 afternoon w/c 23/Oct 17 1-3 hours

Location London Sound Studio

All media, cutdowns, Unlimited Lifts + Version, USA + Mexico, 2 years.
Exclusivity is Cheese Products

Session fee: $400 + 20% agency fee 1-3 hours max

1 year $3,000 + 20% agency 2 years $5,000

We are casting this for US clients

Please read before suggesting

It’s a voice over we don’t care what they look like so don’t worry about
sending in photos.

The clients are testing a lot of scripts on this campaign so hopefully it
will turn into a good earner



Sound age Late 20s-Early 30s.

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