casting an ANTI SLAVERY campaign for the National Crime Agency

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This is a campaign to raise awareness of slavery. Slavery is a major problem worldwide and this campaign is very important (The PM is over seeing it). We are looking for strong, believable cast who will portray the seriousness  of this issue – this is a sensitive subject!

Casting: TBC

Shoot – 28th September In Surrey, UK

Fee: Usage: 10 years, worldwide. All print media & Online. It’s a Government campaign with the PM overseeing it.  Fees: £350 + £50 travel allowance + Agency 20%


3 WORKERS: Men, mixed ages They have quite often been away from their families for long periods of time  and have been targeted because of that isolation. Many of them are drug or alcohol addicts and it shows. Many have mental health issues and again, it shows. Regardless of the environment there is a huge visible difference between  slaves and seasonal workers, in their whole demeanor. Fit, young men will not be convincing enough, we need to see a real sense of  fragility and bewilderment.

GANG MASTER:  Male, mixed ages Slaves will be under someone’s control. We need to cast someone to be a “gang master”. Someone who is perhaps present in a more sinister way. We are left with no  doubt of their status because of their confidence and solidity.


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