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Anna Kennedy is casting a commercial for DNB

We’ve all been in that situation. High school is over and there are
many new paths ahead. The choice of which one to take is ours. But there are
so many paths, that choosing the right one feels almost impossible. Do we
pursue our creative passion or choose a more ‘sensible’ career? Do we want
financial stability or happiness? Can we have both? Do we want to follow in
our parent’s footsteps or blaze a trail of our own? What makes us happy? And
can we do that for a living? Deciding what you want to be is the biggest
decision we ever have to make. It can literally feel like you are fighting
yourself. And it is this internal struggle that we dramatize into an epic
battle between INTRODUCTION different futures of the same person…The fight
may be  metaphorical but we are making it physical. We create a collection
of different ‘clones’ of our heroine, each one representing a different
path/career, and then have them all fight in a battle royale around an empty

Casting: by appointment on Tuesday 17th April at Newman Studios, 42-44 Newman
St, London, W1


SISTERS: ideally twins/triplets or friends who look alike (Female, 18 – 22)
She is 18-23years-old with their whole future ahead of her, but
she doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life, which is a very common
problem. She is spunky and full of spark! Despite this, I see her as a
strong character. She is capable of doing  anything, which is why the
decision is so hard. As we see her fight her way  through various clones, we
feel her internal struggle made physical. We need to see everything that she
is feeling through her facial reactions and body language. Our actress needs
to be  incredibly expressive as well as physical. WE are looking for twins
as one will be the lead and one will be the  clone( both get the same fees)
or sisters or friends who look really alike.

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