casting a commercial for Grenola & Muesli.

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Adult Fee: £250 per 10 hour day (overtime payable at 20% of the Daily
Fee per hour following the 10th hour). Wardrobe £50

Usage fee: £3,000 payable upon first transmission, if featured in the
final cut.

HELEN: aged 30 – 35. Mid length Brown hair. A curvy, friendly faced brunette in her thirties.
Likeable / Believable / Fun, Charismatic, Charming, Playful, has a sense of fun, Good Hands, Good Teeth

***Real mother and daughter would be Fantastic***

She is a real go getter. Never the one to shy away from a
challenge, or opt out when the chance to do something funny and silly. She’s
the life of the party, a well connected social butterfly with a great honky
laugh, quick to make friends and loved by everyone she meets. She’s not
usually terrible at co-ordination, but implying she’s got above average
motor skills would simply be untrue.

She may have fallen over at the office party last year,
but after a few laughs it was mostly forgotten. She is absolutely a morning
person, so today she is in her element. Sure, she doesn’t always wake up in
a great mood, but when she does, she does it well. Humming in the kitchen,
it’s the first proper blue sky spring day of the year, and she’s not going
to waste a second. This morning she’s in her favourite comfy tracksuit
bottoms and white shirt that Sophie bought her for Christmas.

DAVID: aged30 – 35. caucasian. Likeable / Believable / Fun, Charismatic, Charming, Playful, has a sense of fun,
Good Hands, Good Teeth.

David is not a morning person, but that’s ok. He’s a great cook, so tonight’s dinner will
more than make up for any other imperfections. He promised Sophie (their
daughter) that this weekend would finally bring the weather she’s been
pining for – optimal kite flying conditions.

Fee: as above

SOPHIE: aged7 – 9. She is a proper tomboy. No pink frills or fru fru for her,
she is a serious scientist and prolific experimenter. On a rainy day she’ll
be found in the garden knee deep in mud observing slugs.

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