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Casting a commercial for OTTO. Great little spot here to find a very exotic, unique chap! Effortlessly cool and wise, middle eastern older gentleman who’s skin has seen the sun and wind and he’s lived a life, that we’d all like to hear about!

Suggestions asap please as casting on Tuesday.

Summary Great little spot her to find a very exotic, unique chap for a German  Commercial. The ad highlights that Leroy is in fact the Plato of the modern World, he’s never out of place in cool surroundings, and his own are even
trendier. He’s an effortlessly magnetic, wise and charming gentleman. He needs not try too hard, ever. He’s lived! Do think outside the box on this one! He’s a man like no other!

MUST BE A GERMAN SPEAKER His skin has seen the sun and the wind. Perhaps Middle-Eastern although there is no clear idea where he comes from but his accent is very thick. He’s lived but he’s trendy. Effortlessly cool for his age. He has his own unique look and way of talking. We might see him as a mix  between Borat and Mr Chance from ‘Being There’. He’s an endearing idiot; a  learned scholar but definitely no idiot. His pronouncements on life is simple and straightforward and yet rather  brilliant in today’s world, so his simplicity is even more charming to us.  There is a dignity and rhythmic cadence in the way he both moves and talks. Maybe he repeats certain words or makes a little ‘heh’ sound at the end of a sentence to show pleasure at what he just said. He’s clearly not used to speaking to camera but yet feels totally comfortable in doing so. Think exotic dapper! He takes real joy in life.



Fee shoot £350 10 hour day to at £70 per hour after that – travel 50 – rest 50% – fitting £50 Buyout  1 year all media Germany 800% all fee’s plus 20% agency commission.


LEROY: 50 – 75. (Male) * Needs to be a German Speaker – please write in comments box how skilled  they are please * We’re looking for a beautifully exotic chap for a german commercial, think outside the box with this one! * Leroy should be middle eastern, or at least that his skin has seen sun and wind. (See refs pics attached) There needs not be a clear idea where he comes from but he has a german accent. He’s a wise man, an interesting man. He is old, yes, but we can see that he  was a cool, interesting and nice looking guy when he was younger. He utters beautifully simply little philosophies on everyday life. He’s  measured, maybe it’s a little weird. But it’s all true! He’s Inviting, charming; the kind of guy that would be admired by young people, his stories would not be boring. He’d be on their level; he’s a man who has lived, mystical, vivid with stories to tell. He’s full of life himself. Think a cool Wes Anderson Character. Every second he could start laughing, there is something cheeky to him. He is a unique presence and very self-confident. He’s almost effortless. Playing age 50 – 75.  Appearance Native American, Asian, Black-Other Areas, Eastern European, Hispanic, Indian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, East Asian, Pakistani, Scandinavian, Black-Caribbean, Black-African, Latin American, Filipino/Malay/Thai, Mixed Race, Maori, Chinese, Japanese, African-American, Korean

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