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They are pan – European, so not too Nordic and not too Mediterranean – Character wise, they are a middle
class, aspirational modern and very tech savvy family that could be living anywhere in pre- Brexit Europe, including the UK.

All suggestions must have great reactions, comedy timing and ooze personality – They should be spontaneous and expressive and talented improvisers as the director would like to set up situations that will
require them to think on their feet

Shoot: 10th & 11th of August.(2 days)

Fees: BSF£250 + 20% agency (2 days) + usage at £2000 + 20% agency buyout for
for all online media in perpetuity, (this is perpetual, world-wide and for
all media)


DAD: Our Dad is mid to late 40s, , he is business man, innovative,
successful, if he’s a professional then he’d be an architect – He is
healthy, obviously keeps in good shape, maybe he is unshaven with slight
beard and he likely dark hair.
Mum –  Our Mother is mid to late 30’s,she’s a stay at home Mum, she’s not
flashy, contrived, false – modest but definitely not a boring housewife
type – she is also healthy, in great shape and likely a brunette too

SON: He is mid to late teens ,he is about to go to college or is just
starting work, typical student healthy, dark haired.

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