casting for a female model for a HEALTH CARE PRODUCT

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This stills shoot is for a medication that is used to relieve pain and
reduce inflammation in people with a number of autoimmune diseases.
It is used for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis & Crohn’s

Autoimmune diseases are not curable, but some of the symptoms, such as pain
and inflammation can be controlled with medications.

Casting: Wednesday 9th August @ Coptic Street studios

Shoot: 17th (Option to stay and shoot the 18th August ) if so there is an
additional £150 to the fee. This has not been confirmed as of yet.
To give you an idea, we’d shoot from 4pm – 9pm (17th) and then stay
overnight at the location, and then shoot dawn, so 4am -9am and then wrap.

This might not happen and we are seeing if we can shoot it all in a single

The production will provide all travel, (optional accommodation), Food etc
to and from london to the location at South Downs

Fee: unrecognisable £1000 inclusive recognisable £1750 inclusive.
OVERNIGHT Additional £150 to the fee

Usage:3 years, Business to Business (B2B) Advertising: Healthcare
ONLY. Global ex-US, Print & Online.


FEMALE MODEL: early 40’s to mid 50’s, Any hair colour. We are
looking for a ‘real’ possibly street cast woman for this role that is
relatable and believable as a user of the medication.

Our client has asked for someone ‘Ethnically ambiguous’ Which we have
interpreted as a woman who looks like she could be from anywhere!
Almost any country on the planet or maybe a mix of several.
We are not looking for someone super striking with a mix of features and
distinctive look. More, mix of the world population look. If that makes

‘Model can be medium sized or slender but can’t be a Victoria’s Secret model
or ‘too’ physically fit’

Hands: are important as they are holding an empty jar . No manicured hand

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