Casting for a series of photographs for an ASTHMA MEDICATION.

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Casting on Friday 19th May in Kentish Town, London NW5

Shoot Date: Friday 26th May (afternoon)

Fee: Model Shoot Fee: £450.00 + 20% (half day) each Model Usage Fee: £2,000.00 + 20% each Model Usage: Business to Business for Healthcare Professionals Only, Global,  3 Years

The images are of a couple in their living room. In one of the series of
shots to be taken, the husband is standing up, bending down, with his hands
placed gently on the wife’s shoulders, kissing her on the cheek. She is
sitting down, eyes closed, holding her hands to her face with positive
emotion and delight. They are both wearing casual sweaters.


MALE:  playing age 60-65, Mediterranean-looking, olive skinned, average
height, balding/bald, average build, clean shaven, healthy looking.

FEMALE:  playing age 60-65, Mediterranean-looking, olive skinned, short
to shoulder length hair, average build, healthy looking.

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