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Bus Driver Role Only INTERNET ONLY (Commercial)

NB: Really good characterful BIG guys please…. Need BIGGER build guys for this role now. Doesn’t need to drive!

Shoot: Kiev, Ukraine 30 Apr-3rd May Kiev. Valid Passports

Fee: £500 bsf £500 1 yr internet Israel only Possible print buy out £500 Per diems Taxi to and from airport Per diems


BIG BUS DRIVER:  Male, 40 – 55 Looking for BIG guys for this either BIG and MUSCLY or they could  be overweight but they need to look BIG on camera. American ex Jock type or could be Latino/Italian, also black. Loads of character, REALLY GOOD comedy skills and facial expressions.Needs to be able to do an an American accent line of dialogue. Doesn’t need to drive! Height: 180cm – 195cm Appearance: African-American or White

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