Casting for UNRAVELLING (Workshop)

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Casting for UNRAVELLING (Workshop)

Rehearsals – 12th June 2017 – 25th June 2017

Performance – 26th June 2017 at 8pm.

Fee: There is a company fee of £300 for the entirety of the run.

The show, which is based on a true story, deals with child abuse, drug use, suicide and the stigmas surrounding them, and the strength of familial love and carving a  light through the power of music even in the darkest of times.  After escaping their childhood home, siblings Ava, Tori and Michael struggle to move on with their lives. They seek refuge in their love of music, and their lives  seem to take a turn forthe better when Leslie, a band manager who sees the siblings as her last chance to make her mark in the industry, approaches them. With pressure mounting, the cracks  begin to show.  They seek solace in different places. Michael searches for a chemical fix,  trying to placate his sisters and keep the family together. Tori flails wildly between men, desperate to hold on to someone, whilst pushing everyone away. Ava finds Bill. He’s different. He’s  kind. He’s gentle. Ava has not let a man near her since she fled her father, but she  trusts Bill and believes he can save her. Bill doesn’t believe that music is the way forward for Ava,  wanting to give her a stable home, something to rely on. But Tori sees a pattern forming. Is Bill a victim of circumstance? Or is his protective behaviour about to turn into the thing Ava fears the most?  With tensions running high, and their cruel past tearing apart their
present, Ava, Tori and Michael struggle to stay true to their music and to each other.


BILL: Male, 25-35, romantic lead, tenor with strong falsetto [Bb2-C#5] Ava’s love interest who finds himself caught up in family trauma and pushed  to his limits.

NICK: Male, 25-40, baritone, [G2-A4] The owner of a run-down bar in Florida with a quick wit and sarcastic  demeanour. He has a love hate relationship with Tori, which blossoms  throughout the course of the show.

LESLIE: Female, 30-45, strong comic timing, mezzo soprano/belter [E3-E5] Leslie is a strong-willed business woman with a bit of a drinking problem and not afraid to speak her mind.

MOTHER: Female, 30-45, mezzo soprano [E3-E5] An abusive mother of three children, who is a manipulative and menacing  figure of the past.

FATHER: Male, 30-45, baritone [G2-G4] An abusive father of three children, who is a dark and menacing figure of  the past. Also plays four other minor characters which are conversely comedy  based.

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