Casting a music video for MALLORY KNOX.

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Fee: £200.00


This video shows a family of three’s addiction the ‘source’. They arrive
home and connect to a small handheld device that allows them to escape
(teleport) to a peaceful natural landscape: a lake, a forrest and a field.
These juxtaposed tranquil locations all offer a different visual aesthetic.

It is like a quick fix and totally normal for the subjects to get home and
‘attach’ themselves to the device as a way of switching off, and we
highlight their ‘connection’ by showing their eyes rolling back to a milky

Mallory Knox perform in the house alongside the family members. I would like
to use a wind machine during the chorus where we ramp up the energy and
chaos as MK perform.

This video shows themes of addiction and escapism in a consumer based
society. Giving It Up will have strong cinematic qualities, with futuristic
themes and a striking look and feel.


MUM (35-40)

DAD (35-40)

KID (18yo)

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