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LUCY: aged 20 – 35. Lucy could easily be perceived as the typical rock star’s
trophy wife – on the surface. Far younger than Jeff, and way out of his
league, she turns heads everywhere she goes.

Lucy is the driving force behind Jeff’s current success. Highly intelligent,
aspirational, opportunistic – she has taken Jeff as her ‘project’ since
meeting him in the twilight years of his career. She has successfully put
him back in the upper echelons of the celebrity scene, yet has loftier goals
in mind. Lucy is content with her relationship and has a degree of genuine
affection towards Jeff.

However, how will she react when her status quo gets threatened by Jeff’s
reckless mistake?

We are seeking an actress who can convey the mercenary, cold blooded nature
of Lucy and bring her innate manipulation to a whole new level. Someone who
can portray Lucy’s determination to maintain what she has achieved whilst
barely holding onto her humanity.

Actor must be in good physical health – shooting takes place on uneven/
off-road terrain; ‘dead body’ mannequin prop will be heavy (co-dragged with
Jeff). Actor must be OK with the sight of fake blood.

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