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Anna Kennedy is casting a viral for CINEWORLD

We are looking for a number of roles for this film spot for Cineworld.
Looking forward to your suggestions.

Casting: Thursday 22nd March @ Take 5, 37 Beak Street, London

Shoot: 28th and 29th March



She is classically beautiful in a Parisian/European way. Ideally, very
physically fit and curvy woman.
She is graceful and has long hair. She also needs to know how to dance
ballroom etc.

MALE DANCER: Aged: 20 – 25

Tall handsome man, must be a dancer.

Please Note: A west end dancer who is comfortable with improvising his own
movement and able to lift our female dancer.

FEMALE EXPLORER: Aged: Around 30 with RED HAIR.

She is slender and pretty but NOT a model. She needs to be a confident woman
(not playing the damsel in destress). She needs to look realistically
distressed but she’s in control – not petrified.

KING: Aged: Around 30

Tall and he should be strong but not too muscly. Ideally he would have long,
black hair (like Vigo Mortensen in Lord Of The Rings). He looks like a
confident leader. A hero. He
needs to sword fighting this wizard and react like he’s been hit by
lightning coming from the wizard.

HULK: Aged: 25-30

A massive, body builder type, has to have muscles on his muscles and a 6
pack etc. He is playing a super hero and so needs to be good at playing the
part of the hero and protector. He will mostly be in a silhouette so needs
to have presence in his body language and eyes.

ASTRONAUT: Aged 20 – 33.

A tall person male or female who can do “slow motion walking

Please Note: They have to be at least 5ft 8 to fit into the suit.

WIZARD: Aged 25 – 50

A tall man wearing a cloak, you will not see his face but he
will need to act as if he is
shooting lightening bolts out of his hands.


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