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Shoot: Crotia, United Kingdom Production dates: 1 travel to location / June 13th – 1 wardrobe fitting day / June 14th – 1 shooting day / June 15th – 1 travel back day / June 16th

Fee: *Fittings or Recalls: £50 per each *Travel Days/Stand By Days: £150 per day *Shooting Days: £300 per day (10hs per day) £2,000 Buyouts for the following. Territory: Africa (it must include South Africa) Term: 1 year from 1st air date + option to renew 2nd and 3rd years at 10% Media: TV/Broadcast and All Electronic Media; Internet , Industrial, Cinema,  PR, In-FlightExclusivity – non-alcoholic beverages for 1 year. Version: 2×60 second version, 2×30” second version (cans/bottles) Note: UK Agent will charge 20% of commission on total fee.


BLACK GUYS & GIRLS: (M/F 18 – 25) 5 friends: different looks, age 18-25, male & Female · Multicultural, young, Black as for the African Market. · All the talent should speak in English. They must be from UK or EU (in order to avoid VISA paperwork) Different looks. It is a Coke commercial, you know, hip but real, no models. that classic Heineken look. People with charisma and personality. It needs to feel real and not out of a fashion show. The action itself is spontaneous and needs to feel believable, naturalistic reactions and dialogue. Appearance: African-American, Black-African, Black-Caribbean, Black-Other  Areas, Hispanic, Latin American, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Mixed Race, Native American

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