Commercial for LIPTONS “Flavours of You”

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Commercial for LIPTONS “Flavours of You”

Director: Luis Cerveró (Pharrell Williams “Marilyn Monroe”)

Fees: BSF £500, travel / rest / rehearsal days £250 per day

Usage buyout: £2,500 Poland and Czech Republic only initially (6 months
Online & TV) for 2015, leading into 1 year worldwide usage (TV & online)
excluding UK: £10k. Fees include agency commission.

Pls note these fees are not 100% signed off yet by the agency but will be
very much along these lines for sure! I will update soon as

In this film a girl enters a little realm of fantasy and experiences three
very different feelings. We will translate those three feelings into dance
moves, and follow these moves with our camera:

One style will be full of energy – fast & strong – a bit crazy, 80s style
(Fame, Flashdance, Footloose etc). The next will be classic – secure,
confident. Classy and a bit arrogant, picture classic musical stars such as
Cyd Charisse or Leslie Caron. The last style will be seductive, sensual –
the Salsa dancer. A bit flirty and physical, like the Latin women in West
Side Story.

This will be a piece of film that feels light and smooth, a little candid
and naive, good spirited and contagiously happy – a contemporary take on the
classic musical numbers, where everyone was having?a ball, strangers in the
street briefly danced together, and everything was shiny, colorful and pure.

Our director’s number one obsession will be the acting, the dance, the
atmosphere, and the overall mood of the film.



Dark haired Mediterranean looking, mid to late 20s, not too young looking,
Diverse/charismatic enough to allow for 3 looks (as per above).

Professional Dancer or Actor with movement experience who can take
choreography. Please attach CV.

We need a girl that’s playful and sympathetic, who looks lovely and
optimistic, with a special face and good body expression. She should of
course know how to dance, but I’d like her to be slightly clumsy and real,
not like an athletic, impeccable dancer, but rather like someone that has
grace and tries hard, but doesn’t feel like a professional dancer.

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