Commercial for POTATO CRISPS.

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Shoot: April 19th, 2017 : travel to Hamburg, fitting,
short rehearsal April 20th, 2017 : shoot April 21st, 2017 : travel back
(weather day) April 22nd 2017 : possible Travel


KEVIN: Mid 20s

**We are looking for a young Harry Styles, good-looking, but
barefaced, cheeky and cunning as well. A handsome guy, who easily breaks
girl´s hearts.**

Caucasian, Believable / Natural, Authentic, Cool style (Urban Casual),
Good looking but approachable and friendly, Urban, smart and endearing

His reactions are really important. He should be able to deliver
various facial expressions.

Please Note – Travel day fee
Our contract says: „Travel from London to Hamburg and back
to London will be paid at a flat rate of 175 GBP + 20% agency
fee. The travel fee also includes the fitting and a short

By this we mean that BOTH days are covered by the 175 GBP not
each travel day.


**We are looking for natural beauty, fresh and cute like a younger
Mélanie Laurent.**

Caucasian, Good looking but approachable, Natural feminine style
Very attractive, yet charming and endearing
Friendly-spontaneous character, yet strong-willed
Good sense of humour

She is no poppet and has a lot of punch. Good facial expressions: from
amorous to cheeky.
Preferably redhead or blonde. Freckles would be nice. Natural and warm
Lots of character and charm

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