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In this script we see the relationship between a teenage boy and his parents
become strained and then resolved by his desire to transition to being a
girl. The story occurs over several years and staying in touch with his
family through his phone is what helps keeps their relationship going.

Shoot: Oct 20 – 23rd in Los Angeles

Fee: BSF £350

Travel at 50%

Usage fee:  2000% 1 year Germany ALL MOVING MEDIA including:
+ TV + Cinema + Internet + Mobile devices + PoS / PoI + Online elements
(VO- and super-changes permitted that do not affect performance)


HERO YOUNG MAN: We are looking for someone very special. A model who looks young for their
age – ideally around 15 – 16 years. A young man who is tall, slim and
attractive with a feminine quality. He will be playing a boy transitioning
to a girl and needs to be absolutely comfortable with that. At the end of
the film we see him walking a runway in a fashion show as a woman. Ideally
we will see young men who are already familiar with dressing as female and
wearing heels.  He must have hair that is long enough to style I.E. no
shaven heads or very short hair.

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