Commercial for JOHN LEWIS CHRISTMAS 2016

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Commercial for JOHN LEWIS CHRISTMAS 2016

NB: PLEASE have another think on her….  Must be intelligent and able to show tiny nuances…characterful but loveable… Like all John Lewis kids!

Summary – Can’t say!

Casting: London, United Kingdom MONDAY PM – 11th July

Shoot: London,  27th July – 4th August

Fee: BSF Child £200 Travel days = 50% of the BSF  Rest days = 50% of the BSF Rehearsal days = 50% of the BSF Overtime = 20% of the BSF per hour Wardrobe Fittings: £50  Child audition fees: £15 Recall fees: £50 Night rate premium (if applicable): = time and a half Child BSF= £300) USAGE FEES Child : £2000 Duration: All lengths, versions, cut-downs, editing variations , tags, tactical TVC’s, teasers, and making of films. Territory: UK and ROI (but internet to be Global, due to its very nature) Media A: all moving media plus stills lifted from TVC and Making  Of/Behind the scenes stills to be used for PR/industrial, internal , editorial use and online /digital banners. Media B: Internet Period: Media A Term : 3 months  OPTIONS: Child : 2nd 3 month term at £1200, 3rd 3 month term at £1200 Media B Term: 15 months OPTIONS: Child: 2nd 15 month term at £800, 3rd 15 month term at £800 EXCLUSIVITY OPTIONS: Term: 3 months from 1st airdate. Child: £1000 Agency has the right but not obliged to exercise all options mentioned  above.

Suggestions please ASAP by 3pm for:

MIXED RACE GIRL: 6-8 year-old ( cannot be under 6 due to legal regulations ). Charming, adorable, sparky, mischievous and bursting with energy. A  character please.. Gymnastics a major bonus..trampolining type. Appearance: Mixed Race

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