Commercial for Mobile Phone Company

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Casting date / location: TBC

Wardrobe 22nd Feb

Shoot: 27th or 29th Feb in London

Agreements Fees include all insurance, taxes and agents fees.

Fee: £300 per 12 hour shoot day
(Overtime payable at 20% of the day fee per hour following the 12th hour).
Wardrobe £50.
Buyout £2,500 payable on first use of the Campaign Materials if featured in
the final cut
All fees to be made within 30 days of receipt of a valid invoice.

Initial Territory:
Principal Media is Australia, Asia, Iran UAE, Egypt, Kenya, Algeria and
Secondary Media and non-territorial media i.e. online/Internet are

Term of Use:
Principal Media is 12 consecutive months per country (within 18 months of
first use). Secondary Media may be used by Client and Agency in perpetuity.
Principal Media: All forms of audio-visual media and communications
including (without limitation) any and all forms of television, all forms of
online/internet, wireless and other on-line or off-line transmissions,
including (without limitation) any and all forms of broadcast and
transmission via terrestrial hertzian waves, satellite, cable, wire,
computer or telephone networks (including mobiles), cinema, public location,
in store and any and all electronic media whether now or hereafter invented
without restriction.
Secondary Media:
Public Relations (editorial in broadcast, internet and events), all forms of
awards and show reels (including awards related websites and DVDs), digital
archive systems, any manner of internal communications and education and
training, programme editorial, film festivals, trade fairs, exhibitions and
the like without exception and Client and Agency websites (to include Client
controlled and branded web pages). All Agency promotion. This is corporate


COMMENTATOR 2: Man aged 50 to 65. Classic Older Football Commentator.

Strong look – odd looking.
A good comedy understanding again the role is played straight – need a
strong passion for football.
Comfortable to bring lots of energy to the role

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