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NB: We are only looking for genuine couples. Mustn’t be seen to be actors!
If you know a couple that fit the bill, even better! Send me a picture!!

Summary We open in the morning. Low, romantic dawn light. A couple in their
50s and their dog climb up a beautiful Easthead dune. Imagine two active
walkers, a couple who enjoy a challenging walk as well as a beautiful view.
At the top they turn around to admire the view. With their backs turned,
only we can see the team of NT volunteers stand up within the dunes. A
surprising and beautiful sight, they gently get to work, cleaning the beach,
picking up litter. Completely unseen by the  couple. The dog barks in
anticipation of a frisbie, as the woman goes to throw it, the man and  dog
run for it in competition, volunteers unroll a wooden slatted path, piecing
and  slotting together a new route for them through the dunes. We cut to
Chartwell House. We chase close up details of volunteers working with the
earth, planting a baby tree into soil. A hand wiping mud on work clothes.
Cutting wider, we glide behind a young boy as he runs towards the working
volunteers. As his body moves across the frame, the baby tree in the
background has become a full, fruit bearing tree. Now with fruit from the
tree in his hands, the boy democratically hands one each out to his family.
As sun begins to set, we move into the  woodland of Toyshill. The family –
young adventurers in raincoats and outdoor wear – venture forth, the two
kids racing through. Volunteers clear away some bushes and fallen  branches
to reveal a route through into the idyllic woodland, before disappearing
behind  the shrubbery.  A boy puts his ear to an ancient tree. At the
opposite side of the tree ( the tree is centre frame) and hidden from him,
volunteers are pruning, taking care of the tree. The boy and volunteers,
completely unaware of each other. As the family walk through the woodland,
around them, volunteers are busy at work. Installing way  finders,
performing tree surgery and whacking  away dead foliage. As the camera
glides through the trees the  volunteers disappear completely, leaving just
one ranger. The last ranger, inspecting insects, carefully  hands the girl a
stag beetle. We cut to a wide. The final ranger disappears  between the cut.
We are just left with the family alone, exploring a grand and beautiful
forest. VO: With the support of our members, donors, visitors and
volunteers, the National Trust looks after the special places that make our
world that bit more special. Title: National Trust (logo)  Join – Donate –
Volunteer – Visit

Shoot: ENGLAND, United Kingdom 26th – 28th July

Fee: 50’s Couple – Beach Scene at East Head  £250 BSF £50 Overtime per hour
£50 Recall fee £50 Wardrobe fitting fee £250 Site visit to the location with
the Directors. £2,250 Buyout National Trust ‘Behind The Scenes’– Usage
Buyout & Terms  Campaign materials: ‘Multi Media Advertising Campaign’
entitled ‘Behind The Scenes’ including: 1 x up to 60” including alternative
edits, cut-downs and variations Behind the scenes / Making of footage  Still
photographs and lifts for print / out of home Digital out of home Territory:
UK & Eire Media 1: Including but not limited to all and any forms of
Television including but not limited to Terrestrial, Satellite, cable,
Digital VOD, Cinema, Public location, Stills / Press, Out of Home (including
Digital Roadside), E-marketing,  Instore and all and any forms of digital
media including but not limited to Internet including digital display &
escalator panels, You Tube, Instagram & Facebook and social media. Media 2:
All public Relations & Promotional use in all media without exception,
internal communications, Intranets,, trade shows and exhibitions, and
training programme editorial, Agency, Client, Awards and Industry websites
and show reel in any medium. Term 1: 12 months Option: Second Year Option-
covering Media 1 and Media 2 at 10% uplift on year 1  Option: Third Year
Option – covering Media 1 & Media 2 at 10% uplift  on year 2 For the
avoidance of doubt, should the commercial not air for any reason whatsoever
or your  performance be edited out from the final edits, the shoot fees only
will be paid to the artist.

Suggestions please for:

REAL COUPLE in 50’s (Gender not specified, 51 – 60) Couple Middle aged… A
real couple who owns their own dog / dogs (trained). We are interested in
exploring a diverse range of couples. They should feel spirited, outdoorsy
and active.

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