Commercial for a SPORTS CAR

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commercial for a SPORTS CAR

We are looking for beautiful/attractive guys and ladies
(who are great actors/actresses) for this.

Shoot: Friday 22nd Aprill 2016

Fee:  BSF (10 hour day) – £350
OT @ 15% BSF per hour – £52.5

1. Shoot/Production of a TV spot for international usage. (optional:
3D conversion)
2. Production of an online game for international usage.
3. Optional: Production of a 360° Video for international usage.
Guidelines and Outline Data: TVC
Campaign description: Audi TVC
Spot title: Next Level
Length of spots: 45”, 30”, 20”, 15”
Film versions (incl. putdowns): 1 version with two cars (Sedan and
All spots have to be delivered in final German, final English, clean
IT version
Buyouts to be included: buyouts (usage rights) have to cover all
relevant material of the spot (talents, sound design and mix, stock,
DE and EN).
Excl. music.
Primary Media:
1 year all (moving) media worldwide incl. Ireland, excl. TV usage for
USA and UK, with a sliding start. Sliding start: 12 consecutive months after
airing date per territory within a 18 month period after commencement date
of the

Secondary Media: No advertising (booked media space), clients channels only:
A) 3 years: All forms of Licensee’s and Licensee’s Agency’s PR and
promotional material including without limitation, awards plus awards
websites and DVDs, programme editorial, film festivals, Audi-own and
events, POS, documentaries, exhibitions, consumer and trade fairs, road
shows, PR
events, Licensee’s and Licensee’s Agency’s website, intranet and group
websites and intranets, showrooms, Client branded web pages and on
social media (e.g. YouTube, Facebook or other channels) This also includes
topics like: Licensee may post film on their Facebook page and then direct
Facebook contacts to local car dealerships.
B) 5 years: Licensee’s and Licensee’s Agency’s digital archive
systems, all forms of internal use, education and training, and all forms of
internal and
external showreel use in any format or media.
For the avoidance of doubt all use of the licensed title to be
streamed and nondownloadable, in- context of the film only
C) All agencies, companies or people involved in the production of the
spot/campaign shall be allowed after approval of AUDI AG to use the
spot/campaign as a reference of work – unlimited in media, territory or
Compare Appendix 4 for a detailed listing.

Ideally great if your client can drive but not a deal breaker as the cars
will be static in a studio.

A sexy commercial where two fast sports cars are racing against each
other, with a surprising twist at the end of the race.


GUY: Age: 35-40. Very handsome/sexy.

• – honest, authentic character
• – positive attitude
• – sympathetic at first sight, confident and strong during the race
• – cool, modern, urban action hero willing to take any challenge
• – Goodlooking guy who the audience can identify
• – fresh and unseen face
• – good mimic acting skills needed
• – sporty/fit healthy body, but not a body builder type.

Ideally a driver but also not a deal breaker if the guy is not able to
drive as the cars will be static in a studio.

See refs linked.

WOMAN: Perfect match of male character
• – Same age (32-37), maybe a bit younger than the male character
• – Attractive, beautiful, sexy, model looks.
• – Pretty but self-confident with a strong personality
• – Beautiful smile but she knows how to get what she wants
• – When she’s in racing mode, you don’t want to mess with her

Ideally a driver but also not a deal breaker if our girl is not able
to drive as the cars will be static in a studio.

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