Commercial for a SUPERMARKET CHAIN.

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Shoot: Callback 7th Sept / Shoot between 18th-30th Sept.


NOTE: While there is not exclusivity please don’t suggest anyone who is currently in or recently featured in any supermarket chain. I understand the rates are NOT the best, however this is a great Christmas Script & an amazing opportunity especially for our lead female daughter. It’s a heavy script that requires a strong cast.

Fee: Kids: Day fees £180 per day Travel/prep/down days @ 50% per day Adults: Day Fees £250 per day Travel/prep/down days @ 50% per day Please note: this is a pretty long shoot, so most people could be gone 5-7
days at least No Recall fees & No Audition Fess (so sorry) Chaperone fee is £70 per day All rates INC of agency fee. Adults: 12hrs (inc of lunch) Kids: Hours pending their age Overtime 20% of the BSF fee per hour. Our cast would ideally be Caucasian / European looking for the clients
target audience & viewing market. But they’re very open to suggestions.

Suggestions please for
LEAD DAUGHTER: Age: 5-7 (sweet spot – age 6) Posh. Our daughter is a very special girl with a playful amount of imagination. A  good personality Ref: would be Matilda. She is funny & optimistic but ‘complex’ and can be very seriously determined in the things she does. If she starts a drawing, she finishes it! If she wants to build a circus inside the house, she prepares a plan for it. Nothing comes without a well thought-out strategy. She is cute but interesting, wise looking / an old soul. She shouldn’t be too sweet looking. She’s soft and sweet in her heart, but from the outside she’s quite a cool cookie. This girl is another good reference.   As this is a big script would be nice to hear from any identical twins in this age group.

BROTHER: Age: 4-5 Compared to his sister he is a simple boy, give him some toys to smash &  play with and he’s happy. With an attention span of a goldfish, he just does  what comes to  mind. Therefore he leaves the ideas and planning in the hands of his sister. He likes to play outside in the garden with his father. So, if there’s snow, for sure the two will make a snowman together.

MUM: Playing age 33-36 Attractive, Warm, lively, energetic and optimistic. For her being a mum  comes completely natural, almost without a single effort. She is playful  enough to understand her daughter’s silly actions and won’t spoil that fun by correcting her behaviour.

DAD: Playing age 36-45 He is a relaxed guy & not a business office type. He is someone who likes to  work with his hands and be outdoors. He’s a bit more serious and stricter to  the kids but still flexible and very kind. Whenever he can, he takes the kids outside to play.

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