Commercial for the WHISKEY BRAND.

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Shoot: Recall 4th March (Morning) /Shooting 10th & 11th March, within  M25 & wardrobe call Tuesday 8th March.

Fee: Hero rates: BSF – maximum £300 per day. Half day rate for travel days / prep  days. Usage Buyout 1 x year – £4,000 Details as listed above. Option to renew for year 2, 3, 4, & 5 at same rate as year 1. (May2016-June
2017) The Client and the Agency will be entitled to use, and to authorise others to use, at any time(s) in any media worldwide (whether now or hereafter invented) in perpetuity, any commercial(s) made hereunder and/or stills and
clips from such commercials (“the Works”), related shoots or PR events and/or the Artist’s voice for all non-commercial use without further payment. Walk on rates: BSF: £250 /Half day rate for Wardrobe & rehearsals NO USAGE FEE THEY ARE NOT FEATURED WALK ONS ONLY Usage: Titles & Length: 1 x 60-90sec (approx) 4 endframe packs 12YO/18YO/Masters/Founders Campaign: BTL Advertising campaign consisting of 1 x script inclusive of cut downs, alternative edits, versions.Media: Online (global by nature) + Point of Sale, (Posters, Flyers,  catalogue, Banners, brochures, counter cards, hang tags), mainstream off-trade, specialist Whisky retailers, on trade, GTR. In Store (TV, Print, Audio). Public relations/press releases. Road shows/ Trade shows/award ceremonies, Promotional and collateral materials including trader advertising, direct mail, internal publications,  Postcards.Term: 1st May 2016 – 30th June 2017 as first live/air date With a 2 and 3 year option up to 5 years. Territory: Global Air dates: 1st May 2016

*All cast MUST BE OVER 25 years old for alcohol brands.

We are going older on this playing age of 46-56 PLEASE DONT BE PUT OFF WITH THE MOVEMENT THIS IS NOT DANCE We are looking for someone a little more mature


MALE LEAD: (ideally with movement skills) Our hero should be a Caucasian Male He has stubble & short to medium length hair. He has a handsome, weathered face, with brown hair any colour eyes He has the characteristics of a man with experience. A strong, deep gaze that is confident and assured but not arrogant. He is likeable, genuine, hard working and humble to his roots. Movement Skills It would be perfect if our guy some kind of background in dance/movement. He needs to be able to move and repeat and recall actions in the sequence, repeating them and being able to adapt his performance. Refs: Dougray Scott, Michael Fassbender, Clive Owen. *All cast MUST BE OVER 25 years old for alcohol brands. Refs: Dougray Scott, Michael Fassbender, Clive Owen.


MALE WALK-ONS: They are similar to our hero play age of 25-45 (must legally be at least 25) We would also ideally look for dancers/performer who can follow the lead, take direction to fit with the hero’s movements.

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