commercial for ZALES. Zales is a jewellery store in North America.

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In order to achieve this, we need one of two things.
1) Real-life couples who are willing and able to be intimate and emotive in front of the camera, without being self-conscious, guarded or embarrassed.
2) Experienced actors who are courageous and big-hearted, ones that are unafraid to dive in and create genuine closeness with one another.

Shoot: Barcelona, Spain. Travel to Barcelona: 20th July Shoot: 21st & 22nd July Travel Back: 23rd July

Fees: Client: Zales Commercial: We Believe
Term: 1 year starting from date of first use (appx. November 2016) Media: All TV, Internet (all sites including but not limited to online banners) and Industrial (non-broadcast public displays) Territory: North America (Inc. Canada) Exclusivity: Jewellery Additional Notes: Talent agrees to unlimited editing rights, including, but not limited to audio, visual edits, product change outs, packaging change outs, caption change outs, vignettes and integration of commercials.  Adults: £350 GB ( x 10 hrs)  Usages and Terms Adults: £7246 Travel day 50% per travel day Call-backs 50 GBP  All figures are + 20% agency fee NOTE: Buyouts won’t be confirmed until the final edits and only the Talent who makes the edit will get the buy out.


OLDER COUPLE: Aged 65 – 75. We would IDEALLY really really love to cast a real older couple so if you would like to submit your actor and actress & you know that they have a spouse that could come with them whether they are an actor or not , then PLEASE PLEASE let me know. The director is so very keen for this couple to be a real couple so I would absolutely appreciate it if could find out if your actor/actress has their real spouse that can attend the session on Thursday also.All ethnicities

DEAF MAN & DEAF WOMAN:  Signing scene. 20 – 50.  We are looking for a deaf man & a deaf woman who are fluent with sign language. Aged 20 – 50. Again, if anyone knows somebody who fits this description, please let
me know. All ethnicities

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