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The models need to

walk on the stage and show the hair styles. So we need tall slim girls,
ideally who resembles the Star Icons below.

Casting: TBC

For the HoS London the models will have 1 day prep, (2 models will be
prepare on the 6th, 3 models on the 7th and 1 model on the 8th).
On the 8th the rehearsal is at 17:45 x 90 mins
On the 9th the rehearsal is at 8:30 am x 120 mins
I will get back to you asap with the show time
For HoS Lisbon please find details below:
on 21st evening, the models will travel to Lisbon
on 22nd rehearsal at 17:00
on 23rd show day
on 24th Look & Learn – fly back to London in the evening

£500 per model per show so they will get £1000 in total. Debbie Harry, MM
and Louise Brooks girls will do LOOK and LEARN show on the 24th in Lisbon.
They will get extra £250 for that.


MODELS: Please see below the hair cut and colour styles. We need 5 models
out of 6 images. We definitely need Brigitte Bardot, Louise Brooks, Marilyn
Monroe and Debbie Harry. Happy to do either Mia Farrow or Twiggy hair
1) Cut and Colour Mia Farrow
2) Cut and Colour Brigitte Bardot
3) Cut and Colour Louise Brooks
4) Cut and Colour Marilyn Monroe
5) Cut and Colour Debbie Harry
6) Cut and Colour Twiggy

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