looking for people with barely any acting or modelling experience for a commercial for SMART METERS

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Its very specific so please read carefully.
Casting: TBC
Shoot:  In regards to the filming dates they are still TBC but we are aiming for September/October 2017.
Fee: £750 as a BSF to film with them and their housemates/family  members in their home. £500 as online usage till the end of the campaign in 2020. (The contributors need to agree to appear in advance, but will only receive this
additional £500 if their “story” is included in the online edits) £3000 for the TV uplift if their stories get selected for the TV edits again incl usage till end of 2020 when the Smart Energy Campaign ends.
We are looking for people from all walks of life: families, couples, house mates, ANYTHING!!! There is only one requirement: THEY HAVE TO HAVE A SMART METER AT HOME We are taking applications from all over the UK.
Here are the
REAL PEOPLE WHO HAVE SMART METERS: Casting We’re looking for big, interesting and hopefully humorous characters  that the public can relate to. Charismatic and camera-friendly families,  couples, flatmates and beyond that will help us make smart meters compelling. Our casting should also reflect the nationwide nature of the smart meter rollout. They would be willing to appear on camera and  comment/chat about their smart meter and how they use it, what for, what  they find interesting etc. Most of all though they need to be fun, engaging  and entertaining characters themselves. NOTE: A smart meter is different to  ‘nest’ or a smart thermostat. A smart meter will allow you to see your energy usage in pounds and pence and will have required an energy supplier to visit your home. Please ensure those we’re casting have a smart meter and  can show it.

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