Looking for Transgender people to be involved in a commercial

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looking for Transgender people to be involved in a commercial
> lifestyle stock shoot and I was hoping that you may have transgender models
> on your books.
> My agent Getty images has for some time been working towards educating
> people about gender through imagery with the aim to show the world that
> transgender people live normal lives and do the same things that so called
> “normal” people do.
> I’ll try my best to explain a bit more about what I want to do below. The
> shoot brief is as follows:
> Customer searches for images keyworded “transgender” have gone up by 5
> times over the past 5 years. Major brands like Marriott, Google, Make Up
> For Ever, and H&M are all featuring transgender models in their campaigns.
> TV shows like Amazon’s “Transparent”, TLC’s “I Am Jazz” & E!’s “I Am Cait”
> all center around transgender people, and transgender issues are in the
> news more than ever – specifically being addressed by U.S. President Barack
> Obama through legislation and high profile speeches. Because of the rising
> prominence of the transgender population, as well as rising customer
> demand, we need more authentic stills & video of transgender people. We
> want to see them going about their daily lives, spending time with friends
> and family, at work, shopping, going out, spending time at home, being
> parents, traveling and portraits (environmental and standard).
> .I’m looking for transgender families like in the image above.
> .We want people of all races.
> . We expect to create great commercial shots of people in every day life
> situations like in the image above. The images will be sold by an agent
> which is known as a “Stock library” on my behalf so the models will need to
> sign a model release form and be comfortable being identified as
> transgender. Please note: last year we updated our model release on Getty
> and iStock. It now has a third blank gender option, so models can identify
> however they wish.
> . Most of our images tend to turn up on the internet to illustrate websites
> or on-line articles but the models shouldn’t be surprised to see a
> billboard with your face on it, on their next holiday to the other side of
> the world. Are the models happy being a transgender poster model?
> . Models names will never be used and the images will never be used for
> inappropriate adult content.
> . Shoot to take place anywhere in the UK – location is to be arranged but
> it will more then likely be in London.
> . The date for the shoot will be arranged once the right models are found
> but we hope to shoot before the end of this month.
> A project like this can help change global opinions and I would be
> delighted if you were happy to be involved and help me find the right
> people to take part.
> We also are looking for a pregnant brunette model and her partner in the
> 35-45 age group. The pregnant model would be ideal in her late thirties and
> her partner older like in the image below:
> All the images I capture will be casual and real like the images attached
> so I need real looking models that still have an aspirational quality about
> them.

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