Male models needed over London fashion week.

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Male models needed over London fashion week. We are looking for around 40-50 male models to help with the promo of Bumble. The general idea is that we would have the models standing in Bumble merchandise and potentially handing out gifts/holding umbrellas.

In terms of the specifics, I’ve outlined them below:

– Dates: 16th – 19th September
– Time: 9-5pm (STC)
– Location: London
– Type of work: Events/promo
– Age: 18-26

For info, Bumble is an app that facilitates meaningful connections in all areas of peoples lives. We currently have two central components: (i) the romantic component; and, (ii) the friendship component (BumbleBFF). Additionally, we are embarking on an exciting new venture BumbleBizz, which introduces the business competent.

We are constantly looking for new ways to market the app – having a strong presence at LFW is our next idea to continue this in a fun and relevant way.

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