Marmalade is casting a CORPORATE VIDEO “The Difference You Make”

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Casting: TBC

Shoot: will either be on the Friday 15th September or Monday 18th September, but we’re pushing for Monday 18th

Fee: TBC

Our film intimately captures a day in the life of Tom, an everyday
man representative of the typical office worker our clients represent. As we
glimpse moments in Tom’s day, from the morning preparations to another busy
day in the office we get a sense if a man who has a good heart and wants to
make a positive impact on the world and people around him in what small (but
important) ways he can. As his day comes to an end, we glimpse a sentimental
moment that makes us realise the big impact this everyday person has had on
a family/community far away.


TOM: male, late 20s to mid 30s (28-35) – Black,
Middle-Eastern or Asian

A father and tax manager who has a calm, confident and warm demeanour, and a
kind face. Tom feels very familiar. He is an everyday office worker and
family man with a good heart and time for everyone. He works hard in his
professional life as a manager and his personal life as a father and
husband, but has a playful side too. He cares about the world and people
around him and want to make a better world in big ways and small. He does
not seek recognition nor parade his goodwill, he quietly likes to help
wherever he can.

As we want to capture an intimate and authentic day-in-the-life of Tom it is
essential that our chosen actor be confident in delivering a natural
performance without the need for constant direction, as if we were filming
him in an observational manner.

Production Type: Internal Commercial 90-120 seconds

Production Location: London

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