Model, 29, Opens Up About Why He Felt Pressure To Use Drugs (VIDEO)

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Twenty-nine-year-old Jamie says he has been traveling the globe as a fitness and fashion model for nearly a decade. At just under 6 feet tall and currently weighing 213 pounds, Jamie says when he first arrived on the modeling scene, he felt pressure to slim down to 170. “To achieve that weight, I was introduced to a drug called cocaine, and I was hooked,” he says. “I was making a crazy amount of money. But that money vanished with my addiction … I have easily spent $200,000 since I started doing cocaine.”

In the video above, Jamie recalls the days when his modeling photos were so popular online, he says he was known as “King of the Internet.” “One time, I was drinking, doing cocaine, taking ecstasy, eating mushrooms, and I did acid on the same day,” he reveals. “I’ve had people tell me, that I’ve partied with, that this guy can do more coke than anybody you’ve ever met in your life.”

Jamie tells Dr. Phil it’s been three months since he’s used drugs and two weeks since he’s had a drink. “I don’t want to go down the wrong path and use drugs ever again,” he says. But Jamie’s family says he has another serious problem that he needs to address.

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