Music video for MIKA

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Music video for MIKA

Choreographer Carine Charaire (Part of I could never be a dancer)

Director: KT Auleta

Fee: £150 per rehearsal (hours either 10-8 or 12 till 8pm this is

£250 for full shoot day

Rates are inclusive of Agency fee.

Taxis will be provided to anyone if the shoot runs to midnight or prior if
talent cannot make tube connections in time.

Parking will be available for anyone driving.


8 X DANCERS: Mixture of races, looking good, lean, slim bodies, all dancers
will be
dressed the same in a Unitard style outfit

Style is contemporary, classical, neo classical, we are looking & focusing
on great Lines.

There is no actual height restriction but we do need slender and long limbs
so the taller the better.

This is very URGENT so please email suggestions ASAP BUT please don’t waste
time sending NON dancers.

Please read the brief fully before suggesting.

Subject line: Mika

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