Short Film STUMP

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Short Film STUMP

We have a very poignant script to cast and we would like see your
suggestions on it. The director Tommy is a film editor by trade, but he is
now keen to transfer his evident storytelling skillset into directing. This
will be his first short before he embarks on his first feature ‘TANDEM’
this year.

Stump is a short film about two very different brothers forced to live
together through a unique set of circumstances. Danny is the younger
brother, hard working, professional, sharply dressed, immaculately groomed
but ultimately hopeless when it comes to social skills. He has no friends,
instead taking solace in the form of exercise and personal health.

Baz was a decent footballer (trials as a kid) star of the pub team, ex-army.
Making friends comes easy to him. Until recently when he lost both his legs
in combat. Now he’s been forced to move in with his socially awkward younger
brother with whom he has very little in common. They share a mobility
assisted ground floor council flat.

Casting: Meetings Wk 10th May in London

Production dates: 23rd-25th May. fitting on the 22nd May

Fee: Equity minimum.

Director: Tommy Boulding

Company: Stigma


BAZ – DOUBLE Amuptee (Male, 23 – 40)

Baz dictates everything. So very open here. It matters not what
race he is really – as long as he is an amputee and falls somewhere between
25 – 43.
As per script, there is partial nudity so I’d like someone who isn’t in the
best of shape, but not obese. Originally he was conceived as a diabetic who
hadn’t had the best lifestyle choices and lost his legs due to excessive
drinking in spite of doctors warnings. He could also have lost his legs due
a military accident when he was in the forces.
He’s not someone who has taken a great deal of care of himself. He doesn’t
shave too often and his hair needs a cut. MUST BE AN AMPUTEE
He’s sultry when at home but a king of banter when he’s out (or used to be).

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