Size 20 model for a fashion shoot.

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I have been instructed by a client to see if we
> can cast a + size model. Ideally a size 20 for a fashion shoot. The model
> needs to have a great Look. 18-25 years old and somebody who is on trend
> and really into their high street fashion. Think if Top Shop had a + girl
> what would she look like.
> The job will be to film the model in a number of retailers off the mall on
> a locked off shot to camera. This will then be edited in to a small
> fashion film that will be shown across the mall over a weekend in November.
> It will look something like this link we did for another client.
> The model doesn’t have to be a dancer but she does need to have great
> ‘movement’ and fluidity. Rather than wooden and only being used to
> stills.
> The shoot dates are in Manchester on 12th/13th October.

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