still casting HAND MODELS for a commercial for MASTERPASS

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Swiping, zooming and tapping your way through Masterpass is an effortless,
satisfying and
intuitive experience, and just like a good magic trick, it’s fun. These
films should carry those same values. On top of that, the loving mother/ son
and father/daughter relationships will be
emotionally rewarding to watch, reflecting that priceless sentiment on the
Masterpass brand.
Whilst educating the audience about how easy Masterpass is to use, these
playful films should
be highly entertaining, imbued with the charm and humour of great magic,
such as seen in
Zach King’s imaginative vine videos.

Casting: Tuesday 15th August @ Newman Studios

Shoot dates – 30th August /or 31st August 2017 /or 1st

Fee: BSF & usage for all media in perpetuity, worldwide – total fee
of £500 (for HANDS ONLY)


HAND MODELS: 35-45 years old with slim build. The hands must be clean
and good looking. Experience in live action performance is also a must.

Please Note: The performance of the hands is extremely important to this
campaign as they will provide the backbone and energy of these spots. It is
amazing what a difference a good actor can make with simple gestures –
creating energy and flow and building character out of a pair of hands. It
really elevates the film. Here is a video to watch – the actor brings so
much energy and variation with his hands that it never gets boring…
Looking for people with similar hand dexterity.

On a final note on hands, all hand gestures we see in the films would only
be recognisable gestures we use to operate our smartphones – taps, swipes
and zooms.

Eastern European, Mediterranean, Scandinavian, White



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