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This is for parents that DON’T MIND their kids doing BIG projects – School time will be missed so it really is for parents that want their kids to have a career in PERFORMANCE, THEATER AND SO ON!

The type of kids we are looking for:

A rapper aged 5/6/7yrs

Incredible male musical theatre style singer around 12yrs with a huge voice

A young Josh Groban style singer.

A Kids choir – we are looking for a choir with significant amount of members aged anything from 4-18yrs but please suggest your kids choir if you are part of one/have one/have a child in one even if it is smaller as this particular project will need quite a few.

Female child classical/opera singers, we are using the very young Charlotte Church as a guide for this. We need 3 or 4 girls for this project and all need beautiful voices.

Kid magicians – male or female. Magic and personality need to be strong as this character is the lead role.

Baby Ballroom dancers – young ballroom couples

Child prodigy – piano or guitar

Bollywood dance group or squad

School presentation choir

Kids martial arts group or squad

Roller skaters solo/duo/squad incredible performance standard

Tiny cheer leaders squad – these need to be very tiny/young

Amazing child acrobats, contortionists, escape artists, ventriloquists or stand up comedians.

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