Thomas Adams is casting a viral for This Works CHOOSE SLEEP Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

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It’s ultimately one film, that can be split into 4 individual edits, we need
a mum, a dad, a child and a grandma. All are attractive, aspirational with
great skin and hair.

The child will need to be licensed really quickly, most likely within 4
working days. Bad I know, but please only suggest those we have a chance of
getting licensed in time.

A set of videos and stills promoting the ‘Deep Sleep Pillow Spray’ by
ThisWorks 24hr skin solutions (

The video splits into four sections, but all take place in a bed, and start
by the actor/model saying “This Works” and holding the deep sleep pillow
spray. They link together as one narrative and one or two of the
actors/models appear in more than one ‘section’.

Casting: THURSDAY 15th June. 2pm – 6pm.

Shoot: Friday 23rd or Saturday 24th June.

Be Happy

MUM: Female, aged 25 to 30. Caucasian or mixed race with long hair
and great skin. Model looks and athletic physique.

She wakes up in the bed and lifts her eye mask up. She sits up and throws
her eyemask on the floor. Smiles and writes “good luck” on a note for her
husband and signs with a lipstick kiss on it.

Fee: £300 BSF + £500 buyout for 1 year all digital media (film and
stills taken from video). UK only but global by nature of the internet.

Be Determined

DAD: Man, around 35 years old. Caucasian with a beard. He looks
cool, aspirational and trendy.

He wakes up to see his wifes eye mask on the pillow next to him with the
note ‘good luck’.
sporty one…

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