Advert for a vacuum cleaning

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Advert for a vacuum cleaning
product. The agency are looking for some consumer testimonials for a vacuum
cleaner tv advert.

Shoot: The shoot will be for a couple of hours in early July in Bristol.

Fee: This is not being paid however expenses will be paid, and whoever they
choose will be given the hoover or the steamer as payment. The product is a
good one, and worth over £200. The advert will run in the UK for four to
eight weeks.

Acting/modelling experience is not necessary, but people must be comfortable
in front of the camera.


LIKELY MUMS: The agency would send them the product beforehand, they would
then need to film a short introduction of themselves and what they think of
the product (just on their phone is fine), which we could send to the client
to choose which six they would like to use.They will choose twelve people
for a shortlist, and send them the product, then they will film themselves
at home with the product with their iPhone or a device. Afterwards the
final six will be chosen for the shoot. We are looking for people who are
probably mums, (family women), in their 30’s and 40’s. All ethnicities.

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